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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Energy Psychology (EP)

Always working on the leading edge as a dedicated innovator, I want families to also know about the field of Energy Psychology and its usefulness for success in a stressful world. My entire purpose with this website, and contact with me, is for me to introduce practical, effective, time-tested how-to-do-it methods. These energy-based methods are superb innovations for mental and emotional self-management. I consider these methods, in my 30-plus years experience, the best way yet developed to quickly, effortlessly and effectively relax your body and calm your mind to better see the situation now and the road ahead. I have been working with these methods for the past 15 years; further, I only teach methods that I personally use and I know work well for most people.

You and your children can achieve rapid, dependable results for stress management by using these quick and easy body-energy based methods from the world of acupuncture. In teaching the techniques to families, in 30 – 60 minutes I can teach enough about these methods so that you can go out and “test-drive” them for yourself. These same simple, fast , effortless methods could totally clear the negativity out of your mind/body system; as well as, boost you to a positive energetic focus in your life.

Energy Psychology is an exciting new field using innovative methods for clearing trapped emotional energy out of your body/mind. In effect, Energy Psychology is the mental health field “meeting” the acupuncture system; producing methods to “talk to the body” to “flush out” negative mental-and-emotional-energy blocks that are “stuck” in the body and mess up life. The various methods involve learning how to manage the natural energy flows in your body. Science is proving that the energy system of the body exists and the “map” of this energy system developed by acupuncturists thousands of years ago was remarkably accurate.

You know you have a circulatory system that when healthy transports oxygen rich blood throughout your body in clear veins and arteries. When veins or arteries get blocked bad things happen. Begin to imagine you also have an “energy circulatory system” in your body. Picture microtubules like a tiny vein or artery carrying, primarily electromagnetic energy, through all of your major muscle groups, joints and ligaments, major body organs and into your brain.

The theory is that disruptions in the body’s energy system are the cause of negative mental and emotional challenges and blocks, not lack of will power, determination or mental toughness. The key idea is that for peak functioning a person wants the “energy lines” clear to carry this natural energy into all of your body and mind. Imagine having left a garden hose out all winter. In the spring, when you go to use it, you notice that the water isn’t running cleanly, nor is a full stream of water coming out of the hose. As you continue to move water through the garden hose, the water clears and there is a full flow of water through the hose. Energy Psychology methods provide a way to keep the energy lines in your body clear for consistent peak mental and emotional performance.

Let’s keep it totally simple. All you are actually doing is learning self-help acupuncture, no needles. It’s about activating the natural energy flowing through your body/mind by physically tapping or massaging acu-points on your face, hands and body to quickly relax your body and calm your mind. Once you know the energy points to use, it takes only a minute or so to do…think rapid, stress-free peak performance in all areas of your life.

Practical methods… dependable how-to-do-it ways to handle the mental and emotional aspects of life are what parents want to have help their children achieve. Youth will become increasingly self-reliant with mental-and-emotional-self-management when they know what to do to handle stressful situations.

Because brain science teaches us that thoughts are energy, do you know what upset “thought energy” does to you? Do you know that negative thoughts and feelings (thoughts linked to physical sensations in your body) affect every cell in your body and emotionally energy can get trapped in your body and you don’t even know it? This unconscious negativity in your body then messes up your successfully navigating life. If this goes on long enough, it gives you a “disabled attitude,” where you can’t just slap positivity on unnoticed negativity in your body and have it go away.

The primary Energy Psychology method that I have been teaching for the past 15 years is called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I think EFT is the simplest, you-can-do-it-yourself Energy-Psychology method to teach to people so that they have something dependable, specific and concrete to do when they are upset and can’t get “bad life performances out of their mind.”

This method consists of physically tapping, with your fingertips, on certain acupuncture points located on the 14 energy lines in your body to keep your natural energy flowing through totally clear energy lines.

In effect, EFT “tapping” is a dependable relaxation technique. Again, think in terms of an “energy-circulatory” system. It then becomes a common sense notion to me, that when stressed about any aspect of your life, that you would “tap” some acupuncture points to quickly relax your body and calm your mind instead of the frustrating “old way” of trying to analyze what’s wrong and trying to think your way to calmness.

Let’s be clear—I am not introducing a cure-all for every life problem, nor am I suggesting that this replaces other approaches you may already be using for maintaining phyusical, mental and emotional health. At the same time, EFT is being found to help when nothing else will. The suggestion is to try it on everything as it is a self-help tool that accesses all natural energy, and years of reports are that it is pain free and side effect free and dependably relaxes the body and calms the mind.