Despite having been bullied, 11-year old Ciro takes action to help others!

Again, as I highlight in my work and in my book, Ask More, Tell Less… kids and teens are remarkably resilient when their ideas of true contribution are supported and the stage is then set for them to make meaningful contributions to society. Spring forth from a foundation of empathy, Ciro said to his parents, “I think I’m wise enough to give good advice!” he says. His parents agreed.

And then, in the true spirit of giving back, Ciro gives away all the money he makes: … it “all goes to helping kids at his school who can’t afford to buy snacks or lunch.”

Enjoy the magnificence of children…and I hope you readers are enjoying and appreciating this series.

My intention again is to generate comments and readers sending in their real-life stories as we expand the sharing of this truly newsworthy content and inspire the world…