High School Students Modeling Deep Empathy

One point of The Continuous Parenting Triangle I write about in my book, Ask More, Tell Less, is about building and nurturing strong relationship by “listening to understand first.”

My focus with this point of the triangle is to address the huge social psychology concern about the loss of development of healthy human relations which leads to painful social isolation. From the professionals in this field, the inquiry has become,

“Can we teach empathy?”

A dilemma-raising question I often ask the young people I meet with: Have you noticed if you are the kind of person who thinks about others first or do you only think of yourself first?

Click on the link below for the marvelous action-taking story where a group of high school students created a “we dine together club,” and each day are modeling deep empathy while inviting inclusion of others.

Denis Estimon, a founding member of the club, is quoted:

“To me it’s like … if we don’t try and go make that change, who’s going to do it?”

he said Allie Sealy, who also helped organize the club, got emotional while remembering what it was like to sit alone at lunch,

“Meeting someone who actually cares and listens to what you have to say really makes a difference,”

she told Hartman.

“And that could happen at lunch, that could happen at our club.


High School Students Start Club To Make Sure No One Sits Alone At Lunch | The HuffPost


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