Behold the resiliency and self-reliance and determination of six-year old Jaden

Nowadays I figure I have been working with kids, teens and parents for 35 years and I remain inspired, not worn out. Throughout my magnificent journey I have truly learned that young people of all ages are remarkably resilient no matter what life challenge they have experienced, and are even more so, when the significant others in their life hold the unshakable belief about their ability to bounce back and live a happy, productive life.

Revel in the resiliency of six-year old Jaden whose father died when he was four and his mother passed away in her sleep when he was six years old. And see the beautiful support Jaden receives from his aunt Barbara after he tells her he is “sick and tired of seeing people so sad.” And also please note Jaden’s perseverance and determination that led to a wonderful contribution to society in his place in the world, for he had gone out four different times and given 500 treasures and received 500 smiles. His aunt Barbara said, “It’s like sheer joy came out of this child.”

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